3 July 2018 – Testing out of Crowns

I keep telling myself I’m going to keep my Duo streak up every day and be the #1 spot on the leaderboard every week. Every week, I fail. Then, much like today, I tend to just go crazy and rack up 2.5k experience? I’m apparently a very all or nothing kind of learner. I did, however find out that you can now test out of crown levels. That may have been a thing before, but I didn’t see the option on the mobile platform. So far, I’ve gone from level 1/2 to 5 in just about 6 or 7 skills! That’s honestly where the majority of my exp came from.

I think I actually really like being able to test out of crown levels. For me, I’d rather do short, intensive sessions and then be able to review them later after the majority of the skill has set in my short-term memory. Especially with Japanese. Spanish is still super easy because it’s just a refresher. My goal is to test out of crowns in at least six more skills in Spanish this week. I’m shooting for at least three more in Japanese since I’m still a newbie there.

Honestly I didn’t like the crown levels when they first debuted, but now I’m really liking them!


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