Current Language Goals (And progress)

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Current Fluency:  Embarrassing Preschool

Desired Fluency: 2nd/3rd grade

Written Goals:

Since I’m hoping to pass the N4 this December, I reckon I’d need about 1500 words in my repertoire, including around 300 kanji. It seems like a lot, but it’s really only about 70 words a week. I did more than that in high school Spanish!

Tentative Test: JLPT N4 (2 December 2018)

Overall Progress: 

Verbally, I’ve been picking things up quickly thanks to my boyfriend and Netflix. I’ve been putting off moving Hiragana, Katakana, and some Kanji to my long-term memory for a while. My hand really struggles to write anything that looks remotely Japanese, but I’ve started forcing myself to practice daily. I can only write a few sentences before my hand hurts and I get really frustrated, but if I think about them as little notes to put in my boyfriend’s lunchbox, they’re a little easier to manage.

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Current Fluency:  Basic/Preschool

Desired Fluency: 2nd/3rd grade

Written Goals: 

I actually do most of my bible study with the Korean translation! I went to (and am currently finding a new) Korean church for a while, and for some reason the Korean translation resonated with me more than the English version. As a result, most of my vocabulary is actually biblical. I hope to be able to write letters to my former church members soon, but I need more mundane vocabulary in order to do that.

Tentative Test: TOPIK 1A2 (date tbd)

Overall Progress: 

So reading celebrity and fan tweets probably isn’t the most ideal way to do this, but it’s helping improve my understanding and usage of certain grammar points based on what context they’re in. Vocabulary-wise, I haven’t gotten much farther along (mostly due to focusing on Japanese), but I did pick up a new Korean book to try and read!


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Current Fluency:  Intermediate (Rusty)/Middle School

Desired Fluency: High school (upper intermediate)

Written Goals: 

With my new job, it would be better to have verbal fluency, but reading emails is equally important. I hope to enhance my professional vocabulary over the next few months in addition to reading a whole Spanish novel as well.

Tentative Test: DELE B2 (date tbd)

Overall Progress: 

It’s so much easier to work on written fluency than verbal with Spanish. For some reason, I tend to be really picky about what radio shows or telenovelas I use. I will say, though, I am grateful for learning Spanish because I can read La Magia Del Orden by Marie Kondo without having to wait for the English copy to become available at the library 😉

I’m currently working on compiling a list of relevant vocabulary that I could use at work. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty naive about the industry in English since I just started, but I find it more fun to learn something bilingually rather than monolingually!


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